Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on last week's appointment

After all that worrying about my appointment last week, I'm happy to report that it went well. I went home with more prescriptions (my mom just bought me a pill organizer - !), but the good news is that my "skin looks great," meaning that my inflammation has gotten better. I still experience pain - in fact, this week has been pretty bad, with me waking up in the night because of it - but at least the skin is starting to heal. Baby steps, right?

I can't say enough good things about my care-giver. I switched to the nurse practitioner who ran my wellness class and she was really really great. Not only did she take the time to answer my questions and explain everything without making me feel stupid (you'd think this would be the norm, but it's not), but she also was very sensitive to my "issues." She didn't just whip out a mirror to show me my vagina when I asked her about where I should be applying my topical ointment (I've had this happen a few times during exams, which makes me feel sick/anxious). She asked first and gave me alternatives to the mirror option. She also asked if I could handle the speculum, if I wanted her to insert it or if I wanted to insert it myself. This is the first time during an exam that I've been given choices and it went a long way toward easing my anxiety and making me feel in control.

In a couple of weeks I return to physical therapy. I'm looking forward to seeing my pt and moving forward. I don't want to be struggling with this same issue ten years from now...

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  1. I'm so glad your appointment went well! That's great that you're going back to your PT. That's definitely good news! Best of luck as you keep moving forward :)