Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anxiety Overload, part 2.

It's been a crappy couple of days for me. I've been feeling really lonely, I haven't been feeling good physically (the shooting pains are back), and this morning I woke up feeling really anxious. I can't seem to lose this anxious feeling.

My wedding is less than six months away and I can't stop wondering if I'll ever be able to have intercourse. If I'll ever be able to make out without experiencing pain. I don't want my fiance to agree to a life without physical intimacy, but I can't make any promises.

Some days, I have hope. And (more frequently it seems) some days I don't.

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  1. Thanks for the words of support on my blog! I'm glad you gave me some positivity because this "wall" is starting to freak me out. I'm so sorry you've been feeling so crappy!! :( I'll try to send some happy, positive thoughts your way! I really hope things get better for you. *hugs*